Lake Winnie Huntign Report for October 22, 2014

Grouse hunting in full swing now! Plenty of birds being seen, shooting them is a challenge as everybody knows. Seems to be quite a few birds northwest of Winnie from Tower Lake to Morph Meadow. Dogs do help, but there is enough action to walk along and get in on some good shooting.

Duck numbers are thin, now, as the weather has been warm. Look for the next cool front to bring some northern birds down.

Deer hunters are in the woods bow hunting or scouting for areas to set up for rifle season. They are reporting some very nice sign from scouting trips.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Hunting Report for October 20, 2014

It's a great time to visit Denny's Resort as there are so many opportunities for hunters and fisherpeople - almost too many options!

Deer Hunters: There is a great deal of public land up here and there are many spots available for you to consider for a safe and successful hunt. If you give us a call, we can lead you to some online maps or draw some simplistic area maps for you when you visit the lodge. Now is the best time to be in the woods scouting and looking for sign.

Grouse Hunting: Numbers are good this year and now that most of the foliage is off the trees, many hunters are flushing a dozen birds per day. It always helps to have a dog, but it is not vital right now. Feel free to ask us where we would head to if we had the afternoon off.

Duck Hunting: Although the big lake is a great duck hunting venue, there are many smaller sloughs and rivers with access. Consider hiring our team to get to know the area a bit and have us help minimize the need for all the gear. We have a great group of guys and they make sure you have fun. Since most of the local ducks have moved out, we are seeing divers, but the numbers are not like what we will be seeing once the average daytime temps drop into the 40s. Things should be going strong by the first week of November.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Hunting Report for November 8, 2013

Hunting ducks now is a bit lean as some of the northern birds have left, other then a few small flocks. Up north at the rainy river there is plenty of birds but then may hightail on by us. Mother Nature will let us know that.

Grouse hunting remains good and many are excited for deer hunting.

We had a group go on a guided duck hunt last weekend and they were able to hunt directly on Big Winnie for divers. They had a great time, good shooting and intend to come back next season. Many good comments on the helpfulness of our waterfowl guides. Good memories and lots of good pictures.

Pat Rooney

Lake WInnie Area Hunting Report for October 31, 2013

Lake Winnie fishing has been a little slow over the last few days. Hunting, on the other hand, has been good for waterfowl (ducks and geese) and grouse. Northern ducks have been funneling in for a few days now - getting better each day. Early and later in the day has been best on the big lakes. The smaller lakes have had shooting on and off all day long. Scaup and mallards and some goldeneye have been shot. Just like the walleyes, remember to play the wind for good duck hunting.

Grouse hunting is going well with an average of ten flushes a day. With the leaves down and off the trees, shooting has gotten much better. If you are scouting a place to deer hunt, bring up your shotgun and watch for grouse.

Don't forget that Denny's Resort now offers guided waterfowl hunts. Click here to read the details.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Hunting Report for October 1, 2013

The duck hunting has been going well so far this season, especially in the mornings, due to the weather. Lots of woodies and some mallards mixed in to the bags. These clear days have them moving early and that is the brunt of the shoot. Daily limits have not been difficult, however, even with a shorter hunting window.

Grouse hunting is another story. Leaves are still on all the trees and they are rather skittish. Flushing ten birds a day is common. West and north of Winnie has been good for finding grouse.

It's the perfect time of the year to get up here and do some scouting for deer hunting and consider locations for temporary stands.

Denny's Resort is now offering Guided Waterfowl Hunts, with several great opportunities for the 2013 waterfowl hunting season.

We have the availability to hunt river habitat, field blinds for pass shooting, or from blinds on shorelines at several area lakes. Hunters will meet our guides here at the resort, grab some coffee and a bite to eat, then head out to experience some of Minnesota's best waterfowl hunting. The guides will put you onto prime spots at the prime times - early and later in the day. Weather patterns will determine best hunting times. For example, on some days, you may even get to shoot later in the mornings. The weather, and also flight patterns, will determine locations and time frames for your hunt. The cost will be $150 per gun, per day. We can accommodate up to four hunters at a time. We have all decoys, blinds boats and bird cleaning facilities right here at Denny's.

If you are interested in scheduling a hunting day, weekend or longer trip, please call my cell at 218-256-2196 or email me at

Time to go hunting!

Pat Rooney


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