Lake Winnie Fishing Report from November 27, 2013

The ice is being made and growing quickly as I type. Last week the lake froze over and, as of Sunday, we had two to two and a half inches. We are cold enough, we should make about a 1/2 inch a night. We will be out measuring again Friday and Saturday of the Holiday weekend. Time to get your ice equipment ready to go. Ice reports will follow as we continue to check. You may also call the resort for up-to-date ice reports. See you on the ice soon.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for November 8, 2013

Hello, from Big Winnie! We are waiting for ice right now and it looks to be coming soon. There is some fishing going on at this time and folks are having good days. Water temps 40 degree range ice is around the corner. I did run a guided trip up to Rainy River last weekend and our party did quite well. This is a really fun fall fishing trip to take and our party would recommend it to anyone. Fishing is unusually good right through to early December, as long as you can handle the cold air.

Ice reports will be available as soon as it gets here - it's coming. Have a safe deer hunting season.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for October 31, 2013

Hello, from Big Winnie. Fisherman are still going out for walleye and perch, but it has been slow with the changing weather. Trolling cranks in the six to ten foot range has put some walleye in the boat especially into the evenings. The perch bite is spotty with minnows and plain hook or jigs. Water is cooler now and into the low forty degree range.

Pat Rooney

P.S. Check out our new "Hunting Reports!"

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for October 1, 2013

The Big Winni walleye bite is just ok right now. The weed lines are still producing with some bigger slot walleyes mixed in. The wind has to be right, though. Jigs and minnows are working best. The main lake bars are kicking out mostly slot walleyes.

The northern pike bite is going very good. Big jerk baits or big cranks trolled outside of the weeds has been working well.

Water temps are still warm for this time of the year, about 62 degrees. Time to go fishing!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for September 19, 2013

Fall is a great time of the year for fishing Lake Winnibigoshish! The Big Winnie walleye bite is going strong in the shallow weed edges. Work jigs and minnows, spinners and minnows or crawlers in the 4 to 7 foot range. Play the wind to go along the weed edges, instead of blowing into them. Move along at 1 to 1.5 mph. Look to the east side from Duck Pass to the Rock. The west side, look to Townsite landing through to the Bird Houses. Farley creek west to Big Stoney Point is also producing good walleyes. There is a good mixed bag of fish with plenty of keepers. Crank baits are working, also, outside of those same weed lines.

Pike fishing is also very good now with bigger spoons or cranks trolled outside of the weeds. Bigger pike are taking big minnows on the deeper edges.

The sunfish are still going well in the coontail beds in 5 to 8 feet of water. Crappies are now starting to make some moves to deeper structure, in the 24 to 30 foot range.

If you didn't get in as much fishing as you may have liked this year, there is still another 1-2 months to get in some of the best fishing Lake Winnie has to offer.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for September 13, 2013

Hello, from Big Winni! The shallow water walleye bite is starting to go well in the weed beds in 5 to 7 feet of water. You can jig for walleyes here with with fatheads. You can also use spinners for walleyes with crawlers or minnows. Move along quickly at about 1 to 2 mph. Once you locate walleyes, circle back go through them till the action lessens, then move on down until you contact fish again.

Pike action is going strong with spoons trolled outside the weeds and trolled quite fast.

Perch are a bit spotty with the weed fish mixed in with the walleyes or on some of the deeper bar drops.

Fall fishing on Lake Winnie is about as good as it gets. If you've never tried it, due to hunting schedules or other hobbies, those who regularly come to Winnie for the fall season have no regrets and consider it to be the best fishing of the year. Feel free to give us a call for cabin availability this fall. You can always mix in some fishing with a little duck hunting (we now offer fully guided waterfowl hunts) or grouse hunting. Several hunting seasons open this weekend!!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for September 4, 2013

The walleye bite on Winnie is still going very well! A few more weed fish are showing up in shallow water. Jigs and half crawlers or a minnow is working well. Look to 5 to 8 foot of water and play the wind. These weed beds surround the lake and it's not hard to find fish. Bar fishing is still slow with a few larger fish being caught here and there. Evening trollers are taking fish just outside of the weed beds on smaller crankbaits.

Perch fishing has grown spotty as they are on the move. Deeper fish have seemed to move in just a bit. We are finding a few perch in shallow water, but you have to sort out the little guys.

Pike are still crazy, with minnows being best, trolling larger cranks would be the next choice and go fast - 3 to 4 mph.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for August 28, 2013

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The walleye bite is as hot as the weather right now!!!

It's as good, if not better, than anything we have seen this year, so far. The main lake bar tops are going very strong with spinner and crawlers in the 12 to 15 foot depths range. Look to Center, Moses, Snag Hole on the west side for solid walleye action. Look to the Saddle out to Red hook and Moxey on the east side. When the wind blows a bit, the weed bite in 5 to 8 feet of water is going strong, also, with spinner or a jig and minnow or half of a crawler. Bowans Flats, at the weed edge, is another area very worthy of a visit.

The Lake Winnie perch bite is a bit spotty this week, but most of the bigger perch coming in have been from the main lake bar tops. The north shore is doing well trolling smaller cranks for walleye just outside the weeds, and bigger cranks fast over weed tops for some big pike. Run from Big Stoney to Farley creek. Minnow dunking is doing well for larger pike in the weed beds, also. Sunfish are going well on most area lakes early and late in the day, small jigs under a bobber, 2 to 3 feet down in 5 to 7 feet of water has been working well.

The fishing is great, come on out and join us!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for August 22, 2013

The Big Winnie walleye bite is still going strong! Several flats are going well, trolled with plain hook or spinners tipped with crawlers or leeches. Look to Center Bar west and north of the point in 12 to 14 feet of water. The Horseshoe Bar, on the north side west to north of Moses also is producing good walleyes. Shore drops on the east side from 8 to 11 feet have been good. The north shore from Stoney Point east to Farley Creek, also is hot in the deeper weeds, from 8 to 12 feet deep.

Perch are scattered in with the walleye in all locations. If you want to target them over walleye schools, switch baits to minnows.

Pike are getting active on some of the deeper structures now. Troll bigger cranks in perch or firetiger patterns, quickly in the 14 to 20 foot depth range. Several good pike this week in the 10 lb range.

Time to go fishing!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie & Chippewa National Forest Hunting Report for August 14, 2013

Hello, from Denny's Resort, Lake Winnie and Chippewa National Forest. Yes, this is a hunting report - in August! We're using this report page to make an announcement about the 2013 hunting season and new opportunities for our guests. Our regular and weekly fishing report is directly below this new hunting report.

Denny's Resort is now offering Guided Waterfowl Hunts, with several great opportunities for the 2013 waterfowl hunting season.

We have the availability to hunt river habitat, field blinds for pass shooting, or from blinds on shorelines at several area lakes. Hunters will meet our guides here at the resort, grab some coffee and a bite to eat, then head out to experience some of Minnesota's best waterfowl hunting. The guides will put you onto prime spots at the prime times - early and later in the day. Weather patterns will determine best hunting times. For example, on some days, you may even get to shoot later in the mornings. The weather, and also flight patterns, will determine locations and time frames for your hunt. The cost will be $150 per gun, per day. We can accommodate up to four hunters at a time. We have all decoys, blinds boats and bird cleaning facilities right here at Denny's.

If you are a novice or a seasoned veteran of waterfowl hunting, our guides will be there to help out and make your hunt an enjoyable and memorable experience. We have a great team of guides with a ton of experience that know the area well. We handle the headaches and have all the right equipment. You get to have the fun and build some great memories.

In the coming weeks, you'll see a new section on the Denny's Resort website for Hunting Reports. These will be as fun to read as they will be to write. And, we'll be adding hunting photos to our Photo Gallery throughout the fall as well.

If you are interested in scheduling a hunting day, weekend or longer trip, please call my cell at 218-256-2196 or email me at

On August 8, the MN DNR confirmed that the 2013 waterfowl season will open September 21.

Pat Rooney

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